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BKB Fitness Curve Non Motorized Self Generated Skillmill/ Treadmill
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Size (L x W x H) 200 cm x 90 cm x 153 cm
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  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, our bkb fitness curve treadmill is powered by the self-generating movement of the user. 
  • The curved running platform is designed to provide greater comfort on the knee and ankle joints.
  • Use the lever to access 4 different workout modes: Running, Power Walk, Lateral Shuffle & Low Push
  • Heavy duty steel frame, anti-corrosion hardware and high durability caterpillar belt.
  • Measures: Time, speed, distance & calories
  • Treadmill Dimension (cm): 200 x 90 x 153
    Box Size (cm): 185 x 105 x 65
    Weight (kg): 180
    Max Load (kg): 150

Our BKB Fitness curve treadmill is a non-motorized, self-generated, curved treadmill. Using no electricity, and instead of running on the energy produced by the runner's own movement on the treadmill. Beginners and competitors can run at the desired speed and change output at will with no maximum or minimum speed setting.

This is the finest quality, motorless treadmill ever produced. It allows people to walk, jog, run, and sprint without making any adjustments to the treadmill other than shifting the body’s center of gravity forward and backward.

Our BKB Fitness curve treadmill  offering superior steel construction, dependable stability, and no-limits functionality in a streamlined, energy-efficient design.

A motor-less treadmill that provides a better running experience than traditional motorized treadmills. Built for performance and high quality, this non-motorized and Curve Treadmill delivers an unparalleled running experience on this zero-maintenance treadmill.

Our 10mm thick, low-impact running surface provides the runner with more comfort and less impact during long distance runs. Proven to burn 30% more calories than traditional, motorized treadmills.

Because it’s a motorless treadmill, Our BKB Fitness curve treadmill  uses no electricity, running instead on the energy produced by the user’s own movement. Whether you’re a beginner athlete or a competitor at the highest levels, the machine can instantly conform to your desired speed, even if you change your output randomly at will. There is no maximum speed setting—if you want to push your limits during a workout, our curve treadmill will be uniquely up to the task.

This is a versatile piece of cardiovascular equipment that has many applications:

  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Anaerobic Power (Speed Training)
  • Anaerobic Capacity (Including: Interval Training, Fartlek Training, Timed Intervals, etc.)
  • Max speed/Speed Training (Overspeed training, Technical work, Sprint Drills (Acceleration technique, Bounding))
  • Youth and/or Rehabilitative Locomotor Patterning
  • Decreased Ground Reaction Force Training (including Quick Leg Cycle, and Powerful Strides)

​Benefits of a curve treadmill compared to a traditional treadmill

Run More Naturally and Burn More Calories

The design encourages you to run on the balls of your feet, which in turn reduced the impact on joints and improved running performance. There is more core and trunk engagement due to the need to run at an ergonomically correct angle. This forces you to maintain proper posture otherwise you will feel off balance and will effect your running gate.

Mean average calorie expenditure has been shown to be 30-40% higher on a curved treadmill compared to a flat treadmill whilst only walking at 3 miles per hour for 10 minutes.

A Harder Workout Guaranteed

Increased Rate of Perceived Exertion (Borg Scale 6-20) has been demonstrated to be around 1.44 units higher on a curved treadmill compared to the conventional flat treadmill. That’s the difference between very light and light exercise. An increased heart rate by 22% and relative VO2was 41% greater at the same speed on a curved treadmill.

Self-Powered and Simple to Use

Due to the curved treadmill is being completely powered by the user, it is simple and quick to get started. Simply jump on and shift your body weight forward to walk, jog or run, no buttons involved. Best of all, there is no electricity required.

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